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Diagnostic Imaging

Imaging is the general term for "seeing" inside the body with equipment that uses x-rays, radioactive substances or electromagnetism to create images reproduced either on film or on computer screens. Mammography, CT scans, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR or MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) are four important imaging procedures that aid physicians in diagnosing illness and recording progress after treatment. Imaging is extremely useful for detecting abnormalities such as tumors on internal organs, and provides doctors with an effective early detection tool.

Diagnostic Imaging at Roger Williams Medical Center has recently acquired the Mx 8000 CT imaging system -- the Marconi's MX 8000. The Mx 8000 opens the door to vastly improved medical care for patients. It is the most significant and exciting advancement in multi-slice computed tomography (CT) technology to date. The Mx 8000 multi-slice CT system scans at breakthrough speed and produces image quality that is superior to other systems available today.

The new Polaris MRI system at Roger Williams Medical Center combines high resolution imaging and fast scanning times with a wider, more open unit design. That means the patient feels less confined and more comfortable during the testing. The MRI unit is very open, with plenty of light and air flow. We offer 24-hour result turnaround time, same day scheduling, and specially reserved appointment blocks. Evening appointments are also available.


Diagnostic Imaging

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