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Pathology Laboratory

Laboratory Network of Roger Williams Patient Drawing Sites

The clinical laboratory provides services twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. The anatomic pathology lab provides services during regular business hours, with the exception of autopsy services which are provided seven days per week. The laboratory has an extensive test menu providing high complexity on-site testing with only 2% of the testing sent to reference laboratories.


  • Clinical Laboratory: chemistry, special chemistry, toxicology, hematology, immunology, specimen collection, and specimen processing.
  • Transfusion Medicine: includes blood bank and serology.
  • Microbiology: includes bacteriology, mycology, mycobacteria, and parasitology.
  • Pathology: autopsy services, cytology, histology, molecular pathology, and pathology services.
  • Outreach Services: marketing, client services, specimen collection (provided for patient service centers, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, group homes, college infirmaries and home collections, physician office laboratories, pathology specimen ourier services, and clinical research studies).


  • Blood Bank (Transfusion Medicine): (401) 456-2160
  • Chemistry Laboratory: (401) 456-2133
  • Cytology Laboratory: (401) 456-2148
  • Client Services: (401) 456-2601
  • Hematology Laboratory: (401) 456-2141
  • Histology Laboratory: (401) 456-2144
  • Immunology Laboratory: (401) 456-215
  • Microbiology Laboratory: (401) 456-215
  • Pathology Office: (401) 456-2162
  • Patient Reports: (401) 456-2351
  • Phlebotomy Scheduling: (401) 456-2135
  • Specimen Receiving: (401) 456-2530

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